Board of Directors
Lou Torraca
Kathleen Ebey
Jim Fromm
TUG Home
President Emeritus
2017 President
Program Chair
Newsletter Editor and Webmaster
The TUG has three elected Officers that serve as the Board of Directors. They are the President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer.

As a sub-unit of the Hawai'i Aloha Chapter of MOAA, the three elected officers must be members of the Chapter so as not to jeopardize the non-profit status of the Chapter.

The Program, Newsletter and Webmaster positions can be held by non-elected volunteers.
He's a gadget kind of guy. All the latest technology, that he can afford, or get for free, finds its way into his office and then we see and hear about it at the meetings. Our APCUG contact. Sever in the office pf President for 16 years.
Between running his own business and volunteering for The TUG, he finds speakers, sometimes himself, to fill in the first hour of our monthly meetings.
Using computers for many years. Spends his spare time between flying, travelling and fishing.
Volunteered to serve s President after several years as VP.
Maintains order and discipline of our books. Pays our bills and makes sure we stay solvent. Collects dues, issues membership cards and puts the money in a safe place.
Compiles, proofs, prints and emails copies of the monthly newsletter to those members who prefer it be delivered that way. Hates white space. Tries to fill the newsletter to its capacity each month. Hopefully, with useful stuff.
Available by clicking on Home page links to Newsletters for past issues and Current Newsletter for the latest issue.
Brief descriptions of our elected Board and volunteers
"Bear" Maher
Gainfully employed; a computer technology buff, and knows just about everybody. This enables him to arrange for speakers (frequently himself) when Herman is too busy with his business.
Program Co-Chair
Jack DeTour
Open at this time
Takes unposed and candid photos of speakers and other persons in attendance at our regular TUG meeting. E-mails the photos to the newsletter editor for inclusion in the next issue.
Currently Vacant - contact Pres. Lou to volunteer for this position.
Volunteered to serve as VP. Keeps busiy with doing newsletter for the Chapter, assisting in Chapter activities and traveling, traveling. Likes to read also.
Presides in the absence of Pres. Jack.
Mark Webster